Islands End Tuna Charters 902-853-6364

Islands End Tuna Charters 902-853-6364

Islands End Tuna Charters 902-853-6364Islands End Tuna Charters 902-853-6364Islands End Tuna Charters 902-853-6364

About The Captain

Early Years

Neil's tuna in 1980

Neil Perry started fishing with his father at the very young age of 14.  He would have never thought those first few years of being sea sick would some day lead to a long lasting career.  In 1981, he started working full time with his father which eventually led to him becoming Captain himself in 2001. 


Neil massaging his tuna in 2012

Neil has fished lobster in the spring, and tuna in the fall for over 40 years.   He has caught tuna all throughout the Maritimes and takes care of his catch from the minute it gets hooked up until it is packed in ice to be shipped to Japan. 



Neil has his Limited Masters Ticket which certifies him to take out up to 6 passengers.  Neil also has his Marine First Aid Certificate along with many years of sea knowledge.

Media Features


Neil has been featured on Global National, The Navigator Magazine, Catching Monsters: Season 1 Episode 2 "Titan Tuna", the Legendary Catch episode "Bluefin Lightning" with Carter Andrews, Still Standing: Season 4 Episode 1 "Tignish, PEI"

Record Breaking News


In 2017, Neil took an Australian fisherman out fishing to beat the International Game Fishing Association Book of World Records on a 50 lb test line, which was 897 lbs.  The fisherman fought that tuna standing for 5 hours which measured at 1,008 lbs.  Normally when fishing for tuna, fishermen use a line with a breaking strength of 200 or 250 lbs. 



Neil participated in the McLeod's Ledge Tuna Derby for many years but in 2018, his team from the Tignish Credit Union won the longest tuna measure of 111 inches.